Germans in Pakistan

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Germans in Pakistan
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Regions with significant populations
Karachi · other areas
German · Urdu  · Sindhi
Christianity · Sunni Islam

There are a small number of Germans in Pakistan, consisting of German expatriates in Pakistan, students, families, dual national Pakistani-Germans and Pakistani citizens of German ancestry. Their number may be as much as 200 in entire Pakistan. There are Germans in Peshawar.[1] Germany maintains a healthy diplomatic presence in the country, with an embassy in Islamabad, a consulate in Karachi and honorary-consulate in Lahore.

Militants in the Northwest[edit]

There have been various reports of unregistered German militants living in the northwest regions of the country near Afghanistan.

In 2009, intelligence investigators discovered a German "village" in Federally Administered Tribal Areas, consisting exclusively of hundreds of white German al-Qaeda insurgents and Muslim converts. According to the German foreign ministry, a growing number of German families, especially of North African descent, have moved into those regions and live there. The village presents a desirable lifestyle with schools, hospitals, pharmacies and day care centres at a nearby distance.[2]

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