Germany–Ukraine relations

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Germany–Ukraine relations
Map indicating locations of Germany and Ukraine


Diplomatic Mission
Embassy of Germany, Kiev Embassy of Ukraine, Berlin
Ambassador Ernst Reichel Ambassador Andriy Melnyk

Germany–Ukraine relations are foreign relations between Germany and Ukraine. Diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Germany originally were established in 1918 as between Ukrainian People's Republic and German Empire, but were discontinued soon thereafter due to occupation of Ukraine by the Red Army. Current relations were resumed in 1989 at a consulate level, and in 1992 as full-scale diplomatic mission.


Diplomatic missions location[edit]

Germany has an embassy in Kiev and 1 Consulate-General in Donetsk (due to Russian aggression (War in Donbass) temporarily in Dnipro).[1][2]

Ukraine has an embassy in Berlin and 3 Consulates-General in Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich.

Head of missions (1917-1920s)[edit]

Soviets (representative of the Soviet government in Ukraine)

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