Germany Abolishes Itself

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Germany Abolishes Itself
Thilo Sarrazin - Deutschland schafft sich ab. Cover.svg
Book cover
AuthorThilo Sarrazin
Original titleDeutschland schafft sich ab
SubjectSocial criticism
Opposition to immigration
PublisherDeutsche Verlags-Anstalt
Publication date

Germany Abolishes Itself: How we're putting our country in jeopardy (German title: Deutschland schafft sich ab - wie wir unser Land aufs Spiel setzen) is a 2010 book by Thilo Sarrazin.


According to John Judis, Sarrazin argued for restricting Muslim immigration to Germany on the grounds that Muslims who had immigrated to Germany from Turkey and other Muslim countries had failed to assimilate into German society, lived culturally separate lives in densely Muslim neighborhoods, and that two thirds of Germany's Muslim immigrants were on welfare.[1]

Sarrazin argued that if immigration continued, Germany would, over time, become a predominantly Muslim country.[1]


The book "shot to the top of the bestseller list;"[1] It held the #1 spot on the German bestseller list for 21 weeks,[2] selling 1.5 million copies,[1] and becoming "Germany's best selling political nonfiction book, by a German author, of the decade."[3]


The book sparked heated debate.[4] Turkish-born social scientist Necla Kelek argued that Sarrazin's ideas on education and immigration should be debated, without condemning him, and that the political class declines to engage with his arguments.[5]


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