Germany at the 1952 Summer Olympics

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Germany at the
1952 Summer Olympics
Flag of Germany.svg
IOC code GER
NOC German Olympic Sports Confederation
Website (in German) (in English) (in French)
in Helsinki
Competitors 205 (173 men and 32 women)
Only athletes from West Germany in 18 sports
Flag bearer Friedel Schirmer
Toni Broder
Ranked 28th
Summer Olympics appearances (overview)
Other related appearances
1906 Intercalated Games
 Saar (1952)
 United Team of Germany (1956–1964)
 East Germany (1968–1988)
 West Germany (1968–1988)

Germany competed at the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki, Finland. 205 competitors, 173 men and 32 women, took part in 123 events in 18 sports.[1]

Germany had not been invited to the 1948 Summer Olympics in London, Great Britain because of their role in World War II, and because their NOC restored in 1947 did not represent a recognized state yet, which was founded in 1949. Germany took part in the 1952 Winter Olympics, with the GDR declining to cooperate in a single team Germany as required by the IOC, joining only in 1956 and later. On the other hand, the French-occupied Saar protectorate had to send a separate team, but could join for 1956.

While the first-ever (and only) failure to score Gold in Summer Games was disappointing, resulting in a 28th rank, the number of total medals ranked fifth.


Medal Name Sport Event
 Silver Helga Klein
Ursula Knab
Marga Petersen
Maria Sander
Athletics Women's 4 × 100 m Relay
 Silver Karl Storch Athletics Men's Hammer Throw
 Silver Marianne Werner Athletics Women's Shot Put
 Silver Edgar Basel Boxing Men's Flyweight
 Silver Otto Rothe
Klaus Wagner
Willi Büsing
Equestrian Team Eventing
 Silver Alfred Schwarzmann Gymnastics Men's Horizontal Bar
 Silver Heinz Manchen
Helmut Heinhold
Helmut Noll
Rowing Men's Coxed Pairs
 Bronze Heinz Ulzheimer Athletics Men's 800m
 Bronze Maria Sander Athletics Women's 80m Hurdles
 Bronze Herbert Schade Athletics Men's 5000m
 Bronze Günter Steines
Hans Geister
Heinz Ulzheimer
Karl-Friedrich Haas
Athletics Men's 4 × 400 m Relay
 Bronze Werner Lueg Athletics Men's 1500m
 Bronze Günther Heidemann Boxing Men's Welterweight
 Bronze Michael Scheuer Canoeing Men's K-1 10000m
 Bronze Egon Drews
Wilfried Soltau
Canoeing Men's C-2 1000m
 Bronze Egon Drews
Wilfried Soltau
Canoeing Men's C-2 10000m
 Bronze Edi Ziegler Cycling Men's Road Race
 Bronze Werner Potzernheim Cycling Men's Sprint
 Bronze Günther Haase Diving Men's 10m Platform
 Bronze Heinz Pollay
Ida von Nagel
Fritz Thiedemann
Equestrian Team Dressage
 Bronze Fritz Thiedemann Equestrian Individual Jumping
 Bronze Willi Büsing Equestrian Individual Eventing
 Bronze Theodor Thomsen
Erich Natusch
Georg Nowka
Sailing Dragon Class
 Bronze Herbert Klein Swimming Men's 200m Breaststroke





Road Competition

Men's Individual Road Race (190.4 km)

Track Competition

Men's 1.000m Sprint Scratch Race


Men's 3m Springboard

  • Preliminary Round — 67.09 points (→ 11th place)
  • Preliminary Round — 66.75 points (→ 12th place)



Nine fencers, eight men and one woman, represented Germany in 1952.

Men's foil
Men's team foil
Men's épée
Men's sabre
Men's team sabre
Women's foil




Modern pentathlon[edit]

Three male pentathletes represented Germany in 1952.

  • Berthold Slupik
  • Dietloff Kapp
  • Adolf Harder


Germany had 21 male rowers participate in five out of seven rowing events in 1952.[2]

Men's double sculls
Men's coxless pair
Men's coxed pair
Men's coxed four
Men's eight



Six shooters represented Germany in 1952.

25 m pistol
50 m pistol
50 m rifle, three positions
50 m rifle, prone


Water polo[edit]



Men's flyweight[edit]

Men's bantamweight[edit]

Men's featherweight[edit]

Men's lightweight[edit]

Men's welterweight[edit]

Men's middleweight[edit]

Men's light-heavyweight[edit]

Men's heavyweight[edit]


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