Germany at the 2010 Winter Paralympics

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Germany at the
2010 Winter Paralympics
Flag of Germany.svg
IPC code GER
NPC National Paralympic Committee Germany
Website (German)
in Vancouver
Competitors 20 in 4 sports
Flag bearer Frank Hoefle[1]
Ranked 1st
Gold Silver Bronze Total
13 5 6 24
Winter Paralympics appearances
Other related appearances
 West Germany (1960–1988)
 East Germany (1984)

Germany sent 20 competitors to compete in four disciplines at the 2010 Winter Paralympics in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. They placed first overall in the medal standings with a total of 13 gold medals.[2]

Alpine skiing - Paralympic pictogram.svg Alpine skiing[edit]

The Alpine Ski Team from Germany won a total of 15 medals.[3] The medalists are:

Biathlon - Paralympic pictogram.svg Biathlon[edit]

The Biathlon team from Germany won a total of 5 medals at the 2010 Winter Paralympics.[4] The medalists are:

Cross-country skiing - Paralympic pictogram.svg Cross-country skiing[edit]

The German athletes participating in the Cross-country skiing events won a total of 4 medals.[5] The medalists are:

Wheelchair curling - Paralympic pictogram.svg Wheelchair curling[edit]

Germany competed in wheelchair curling. They placed last, with a score of 3-6, equaling the teams from Great Britain, Switzerland, Norway and Japan. Their results are:[6]

Squad list[7] Round robin[8] Tie-breaker Semifinal Final Rank
Result Rank

Jens Jaeger
Marcus Sieger
Jens Gaebel
Christiane Steger
Astrid Hoer

 Norway W(10-6) T6 DNA DNA DNA T6
 United States L(5-6)
 Japan W(12-4)
 Switzerland L(3-9)
 Italy W(7-6)
 Great Britain L(2-9)
 Canada L(6-8)
 South Korea L(2-9)
 Sweden L(3-10)

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