Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009

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Eurovision Song Contest 2009
Country  Germany
National selection
Selection process Internal Selection
Selection date(s) 9 February 2009
Selected entrant Alex Swings Oscar Sings
Selected song "Miss Kiss Kiss Bang"
Finals performance
Final result 20th, 35 points
Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Alex Swings Oscar Sings

Germany participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, as confirmed by German broadcaster Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR).[1]

The group Alex Swings Oscar Sings was internally selected to represent Germany at Eurovision, and performed "Miss Kiss Kiss Bang" for Germany at the contest.[2][3]

Internal selection[edit]

For the 2009 German national final Thomas Hermanns had confirmed that he would step down as a host. This also started rumours that the German national final for 2009 would feature some changes.[1] Ralph Siegel, composer for 14 German entries in the contest (including the first German winner "Ein bißchen Frieden"), as well as four Luxembourgish and one Swiss, has expressed his interest in taking part in the German national final another time.[4]

After rumours in December 2008 that NDR were on the verge of releasing the finalists for the 2009 German national final, NDR officially announced that they would be hosting an internal selection for the 2009 contest, with an open call of songs being held by the broadcaster until 22 January. As such, no televised national selection was held in Germany for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest.[5][6]

On 9 February NDR revealed that they had internally selected Alex Swings Oscar Sings to represent Germany at Eurovision. The group, composed of Alex Christensen and Oscar Loya, performed "Miss Kiss Kiss Bang" at the contest.[2][3] American burlesque model Dita von Teese joined Alex and Oscar on stage.

At Eurovision[edit]

Germany automatically pre-qualified for the final of the contest as one of the "Big Four". Due to illness Peter Urban could not make it to Moscow to commentate for Germany and was replaced by Tim Frühling (who was the radio commentator for Germany) whilst television presenter and singer Ina Müller provided the radio commentary. The country voted in the first semi-final as decided during the semi-final allocation draw. The country finished 20th with 35 points.

Oscar Loya at the ESC final

Points awarded by Germany[7][edit]

Points awarded to Germany (Final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point

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