Geroa Bai

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Geroa Bai
Leader Uxue Barkos
Founded 2011 (2011)
Ideology Basque nationalism, Progressivism
Political position Centre-left
Congress of Deputies
1 / 350
Town councillors
59 / 1,889
Parliament of Navarre
9 / 50
Politics of Spain
Political parties

Geroa Bai (Basque: Yes to the Future) is a regional political coalition in the Navarre constituency of the Basque Country, created for the 2011 election to the Cortes Generales. It includes the Basque Nationalist Party (EAJ-PNV), Atarrabia Taldea, and the Zabaltzen partnership. These groups had shared the former coalition Nafarroa Bai, along with Eusko Alkartasuna and Aralar (which entered the coalition Amaiur), and Batzarre.

Geroa Bai elected one representative to the Congress of Deputies in the general elections held in 2011 (Uxue Barkos, who had been the representative of Nafarroa Bai in her previous term).[1] Gero Bai holds 8 seats in the much fragmented Parliament of Navarre since 2011.


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