Gerontius, Metropolitan of Moscow

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Gerontius (Геронтий in Russian) (died 1489) was Metropolitan of Moscow from 1473 until 1489 and a writer. Gerontius was the Bishop of Kolomna. In 1473, he was appointed Metropolitan of Moscow. In the late 1470s, he was in conflict with Ivan III, among other things, over the consecration procedures of the new churches. During the Great standing on the Ugra river in 1480, Gerontius spoke for resisting the Golden Horde to the very end. He adhered to a moderate position in dealing with heresies, which had already plagued Moscow and Novgorod. In 1482, Gerontius left his post, though he would later return at the request of the Grand Prince.

Eastern Orthodox Church titles
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Philip I
Metropolitan of Moscow
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