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Gerran Howell
Born Gerran Lyn Howell
(1991-02-25) February 25, 1991 (age 26)
Barry, Wales, U.K.
Occupation Actor, singer, director, writer and musician
Years active 2006–present

Gerran Lyn Howell (born 25 February 1991) is a Welsh actor, director and writer of short films, best known for playing "Vladimir Dracula" in Young Dracula, a CBBC television series that initially aired in 2006.

Early life[edit]

Gerran went to Barry Comprehensive school (an all boys secondary school with a mixed sixth form)[1] Gerran trained at ATSLI improvisation workshop in Cardiff at a young age, and later went on to train at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. He initially appeared in a short cinema advert warning about the dangers of swimming in Welsh Reservoirs,[2] and also in a short film by Ellis Watts.[3]


Young Dracula[edit]

The show revolves around 13-year old Vlad and his family, who happen to be vampires, as they try to live in a small, rural Welsh town after they moved there from Transylvania. The first two series were broadcast in 2006–2008. The third and fourth series were broadcast in 2011–2012 in which Gerran plays a 17-year-old Vlad, four years on, now with full vampire powers which he must learn to control. The fifth and concluding series was shown in early 2014.

Gerran, and co-star from Young Dracula, Letty Butler were a part of the Bake a Difference Appeal[4] on Blue Peter and he filmed some behind the scenes footage of Young Dracula.[5] He also appeared on Inside Out North West during a short behind the scenes at Young Dracula sketch.[6] Gerran was also interviewed by Letty Butler about the show[7] and he also did a short tutorial in character as Vlad on how to spot a vampire.[8]

In January 2012, Gerran's character 'Vlad' in Young Dracula was voted in the SFX vampire poll, ranking at number 17 in the top 50 vampires.

Other work[edit]

Gerran has also appeared in a few short films and television shows, appearing as "Niall Andrews" and "Rory Brothwick" in Casualty (2006 & 2012). As well as Some Girls episode 2 as "Ryan".

In 2011, he appeared as "Ernesto" in an episode of the CBBC drama The Sparticle Mystery and returned in series 2 (which was aired in February 2013). He has also returned for series 3 of The Sparticle Mystery (which aired January 2014). Gerran also guest starred in Casualty in January 2012, as a new character alongside actor Billy Boyd.

He appeared on CBBC's Hacker Time and 12 Again, with Young Dracula co-star Clare Thomas, during 2012.

In addition to his work on-screen, he has also recorded voice-overs for radio adverts.


Year Title Role Notes
2006-2014 Young Dracula Vladimir Dracula Main role, 5 series
2006 Crusade In Jeans Baudouin


2006 Casualty Niall Andrews Series 20 Episode 32 – "Blind Spots"
2006 Mummys Boy Mark Short film
2011-2014 The Sparticle Mystery Ernesto
2012 Casualty Rory Brothwick Series 26 Episode 20 – "Hero Syndrome"[9]
2012 Some Girls Ryan Jones Series 1 Episode 2[10]
2012 From Fact To Fiction Bob Duncan (Narrator) Radio play
2017 Emerald City Jack Main Role


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