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Gerry Campbell
Gerry Campbell Headshot.jpg
BornDecember 14, 1967
OccupationInvestor, entrepreneur, executive

Gerry Campbell (born December 14, 1967) is an American investor, entrepreneur, executive, and author of "Demand Horizon".[1] His career has been spent working on such Internet technologies as domain registration, paid search, digital music distribution, semantic web services, and real-time search. Campbell has founded several Internet technology companies as well as investing in a range of business sectors, and he is currently the CEO of business advisory firm Frequency Group.

Campbell graduated from Ohio State University where he received a BA in Mass Media. After selling his first company in 1994, he enrolled in Ohio State’s Max M. Fisher College of Business and in 1996 earned a MBA in Marketing and Competitive Strategy.

Demand Horizon[edit]

In November 2013, Gerry Campbell debuted his authorship with "Demand Horizon," a roadmap that teaches you how to create great products.

Internet career[edit]

In 1994, Campbell was hired by Compuserve as Internet Hosting Manager where he oversaw the first automated domain registration and self-serve hosting service for business.[2] He went on to Compaq as a Senior Manager, AltaVista as a Director of Strategy, and later co-founded Bounce Networks in 2000.[2]

In early 2001, Campbell joined America Online as Senior Vice President of AOL Search.[3] Here, he had responsibility for all of AOL's search businesses spanning web search, local, pay-per-call, shopping search, and travel.

Campbell is named on the original United States patent for "host-based intelligent results related to a character stream" (online search box suggestions).[4]

Campbell next became President and Global Head of Search and Content Technologies at Thomson Reuters in September 2006.[5] Here he was responsible for all of the company’s search, news and historical content. Campbell oversaw the largest single global price history database, and first open-use semantic web service.[6]

Entrepreneurship and Investing[edit]

Following his time with Reuters, Campbell founded Frequency Capital and began investing in web and search technologies. His investment firm has the stated purpose of "helping companies make the web more useful, more social and more profitable."[7] Frequency Capital has invested in such firms as VitalBriefing, Parrot/Wakefield, FastCall411, and Tweetdeck and still operates.[8]

Campbell invested in and became CEO of Collecta in March 2009 and acted as CEO during the company's two year run.[9] Collecta was a real-time search company that was designed to watch and persistently push Twitter and other socially-driven content to users as it arrives online. Campbell raised $5MM in venture capital to create and launch Collecta, which went live mid-2009.[10]

In early 2011, he became an investor in and co-founder of VitalBriefing, a Luxembourg based publishing company specializing in "personalized, curated information-on-demand for financial professionals and their clients.[11]" He continues in this role today.

In 2012, Campbell founded the Frequency Group, which is "an advisory firm dedicated to the creation of high-functioning teams and achievement of extraordinary results."[12] The firm, and Campbell’s role as CEO, continues to this day. This firm is a strategic advisory firm located in Santa Monica, CA and has a subsidiary blog focused on innovation and corporate strategy at called LuckyRobot[13]


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