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Gerson may refer to:

Given name:


  • Dora Gerson (1899–1943), German Jewish actress and cabaret singer killed at Auschwitz
  • Georg Hartog Gerson (1788–1844), German surgeon in the King’s German Legion during the Napoleonic Wars
  • Jean Gerson (1363–1429), French scholar and theologian
  • John Gerson, deputy head of MI6 [1]
  • José Gerson Ramos (born 1981), Brazilian footballer also known as simply Gérson
  • Max Gerson (1881–1959), German physician, known for Gerson therapy, an alternative therapy for cancer and chronic diseases
  • Michael Gerson (born 1964), newspaper columnist and former speechwriter and adviser to US President George W. Bush
  • Noel Gerson (1913-1988), American author
  • Wojciech Gerson (1831–1901), Polish painter and academic

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