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Industry Manufacturing
Founded 1982 (1982)
Founder Hubert Gerstlauer
Headquarters Münsterhausen, Germany
Area served
Products Amusement rides and roller coasters

Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH is a German manufacturer of stationary and transportable amusement rides and roller coasters, located in Münsterhausen, Germany.


In 1982 Hubert Gerstlauer, a former employee of the Schwarzkopf GmbH, founded "Gerstlauer Elektro GmbH". With this company he delivered electric and pneumatic equipment for Schwarzkopf's facilities. After final bankruptcy of Schwarzkopf in 1992, Gerstlauer acquired part of their production halls and continued the manufacture of amusement rides and roller coasters. The company was renamed "Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH" in March 2007.

Gerstlauer's first individual roller coaster "G'sengte Sau", a Bobsled roller coaster, was built in "Erlebnispark Tripsdrill", an amusement park in Baden-Württemberg. Since 2003 Gerstlauer became popular with their "Euro-Fighter" coaster, which is present in different styles all over Europe and the United States. A specialty of all "Euro-Fighter" coasters is a drop with a "beyond vertical" angle of more than 90 degrees. Another model is their spinning roller coaster in which riders are seated facing each other. Gerstlauer also built trains for several wooden roller coasters, several of which are no longer operating. Examples of these include The Boss at Six Flags St. Louis. The smile at alton towers has been known for a number of significant structural and technical issues since its debut.The most serious incident occurred in June 2015, when a loaded train collided with an empty test train, causing serious injuries to a number of riders. During the investigation into the crash, officials at Merlin Entertainments acknowledged they were considering the removal of the ride as a result of the various problems since its debut.

Roller coasters[edit]

Lift and 97 degree first drop of Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter Typhoon at Bobbejaanland
Bobsled roller coaster Heiße Fahrt at Wild- und Freizeitpark Klotten
Gerstlauer designed wooden roller coaster train on Son of Beast at Kings Island
Name Model Park Opened Status Ref(s)
G'sengte Sau (de) Bobsled roller coaster Erlebnispark Tripsdrill 1998 Operating
Oachkatzl (Bavarian slang for Squirrel) Family coaster Märchenwald im Isartal 1999 Operating
Thor's Hammer Bobsled roller coaster Djurs Sommerland 2002 Operating
Drachenjagd Junior coaster Legoland Deutschland 2003 Operating
Drachenritt Bobsled roller coaster Belantis (de) 2003 Operating
Vild-Svinet Euro-Fighter BonBon-Land 2003 Operating
Vilda Musen Bobsled roller coaster Gröna Lund 2003 Operating
Aqua Wind Bobsled roller coaster Lagunasia 2004 Operating
Coastersaurus Junior coaster Legoland California 2004 Operating
Fairly Odd Coaster Spinning roller coaster Nickelodeon Universe 2004 Operating
Heiße Fahrt Bobsled roller coaster Wild- und Freizeitpark Klotten/Cochem (de) 2004 Operating
Spinning Dragons Spinning roller coaster Worlds of Fun 2004 Operating
Typhoon Euro-Fighter Bobbejaanland 2004 Operating
Pandemonium Spinning roller coaster Six Flags New England 2005 Operating
Cobra Bobsled roller coaster Paultons Park 2006 Operating
Speed: No Limits Euro-Fighter Oakwood Theme Park 2006 Operating
Galaxy Orbiter Spinning roller coaster Galaxyland 2007 Operating [1]
Hankatten Spinning roller coaster BonBon-Land 2007 Operating [2]
Mystery Mine Euro-Fighter Dollywood 2007 Operating
Rage Euro-Fighter Adventure Island 2007 Operating
Pandemonium Spinning roller coaster Six Flags Fiesta Texas 2007 Operating
Pandemonium Spinning roller coaster Six Flags St. Louis 2007 Operating
Lynet Launched LSM Coaster Fårup Sommerland 2008 Operating
SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge Euro-Fighter Nickelodeon Universe 2008 Operating
Pandemonium Spinning roller coaster Six Flags Over Texas 2008 Operating
Troublesome Trucks Junior Coaster Drayton Manor 2008 Operating
Anubis: The Ride Launched LSM Coaster Plopsaland De Panne 2009 Operating
Falcon Euro-Fighter Duinrell 2009 Operating
SAW: The Ride Euro-Fighter Thorpe Park 2009 Standing but not operating (SBNO) [3]
Huracan Euro-Fighter Belantis 2010 Operating
Dare Devil Dive Euro-Fighter Six Flags Over Georgia 2011 Operating
Untamed Euro-Fighter Canobie Lake Park 2011 Operating
Van Helsing's Factory Bobsled Coaster Movie Park Germany 2011 Operating
Takabisha Euro-Fighter Fuji-Q Highland 2011 Operating
Die Schlange von Midgard Family coaster Hansa-Park 2011 Operating
Eurofighter Euro-Fighter Zoosafari Fasanolandia 2011 Operating
Iron Shark Euro-Fighter Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier 2012 Operating
Tren de la Mina Family coaster Parque de Atracciones de Madrid 2012 Operating
Gold Rush Family Shuttle coaster OK CORRAL 2012 Operating [4]
The Smiler Infinity Coaster — Custom Alton Towers 2013 SBNO [5]
Karacho Infinity Coaster — Custom Erlebnispark Tripsdrill 2013 Operating
The Joker
Formerly Pandemonium
Spinning roller coaster Six Flags México
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
2008 to 2012
Operating [6]
Abyss Euro-Fighter Adventure World 2013 Operating [7][8]
FireChaser Express Launched Family Coaster Dollywood 2014 Operating
Krater Euro-Fighter Colombian National Coffee Park 2014 Operating
Rewind Racers Family Shuttle Coaster Adventure City 2015 Operating [9]
Kärnan Hypercoaster Hansa Park 2015 Under Construction
Junker Infinity Coaster — Custom PowerLand 2015 Operating
Serpent Euro-Fighter Parc Sindibad 2015 Under construction


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