Gertak Sanggul

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Gertak Sanggul
Other transcription(s)
 • Chinese 美湖
Gertak Sanggul, Penang.jpg
Gertak Sanggul is located in George Town, Penang
Gertak Sanggul
Gertak Sanggul
Location within    George Town in    Penang
Coordinates: 5°16′56.7336″N 100°11′38.2878″E / 5.282426000°N 100.193968833°E / 5.282426000; 100.193968833Coordinates: 5°16′56.7336″N 100°11′38.2878″E / 5.282426000°N 100.193968833°E / 5.282426000; 100.193968833
Country  Malaysia
State  Penang
District Southwest Penang Island
City Seal of George Town.svg George Town
 • Local government Penang Island City Council
 • Mayor of Penang Island Yew Tung Seang
 • Bayan Lepas State Assemblyman Haji Nordin Ahmad (UMNO)
 • Balik Pulau Member of Parliament Hilmi Yahaya (UMNO)
Population (2010)
 • Total 925
Time zone UTC+8 (MST)
 • Summer (DST) Not observed
Postal code 11910

Gertak Sanggul is a town within the city of George Town in the Malaysian state of Penang.[1] It is located within the Southwest Penang Island District, at the southwestern coast of Penang Island. Gertak Sanggul is an agricultural town, with fisheries and pig farming as its economic mainstays.[2]


According to urban legend, Gertak Sanggul was named during World War II, when Penang was under Japanese occupation.[3] The Malay ladies in the area, who typically tied their hair into buns (Malay: sanggul), would ride their bicycles along the area's uneven roads, causing their buns to come undone. The Japanese administrators on Penang Island henceforth referred to the area as Gertak Sanggul.


Ethnic composition of Gertak Sanggul (2010)[4]
Ethnicities / Nationality Percentage
Other Bumiputeras

According to the 2010 National Census conducted by Malaysia's Department of Statistics, Gertak Sanggul contained a population of 925.[5] Ethnic Chinese formed ​35 of Gertak Sanggul's population, whilst the Malays made up close to 36% of the population.


The main thoroughfare within Gertak Sanggul is Jalan Gertak Sanggul, which forms part of the pan-island Federal Route 6. The road links the town with Balik Pulau to the north and Teluk Kumbar to the east.

Rapid Penang bus route 308 is the sole public bus service that runs into Gertak Sanggul, connecting the town with a handful of destinations along the eastern seaboard of Penang Island, including Bayan Lepas, Bayan Baru, Queensbay Mall, Universiti Sains Malaysia and Sungai Nibong.[6]


Gertak Sanggul is served by a single primary school, SRJK (C) Poi Eng.[7]


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