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The shopping plaza in Jamaica, Queens which originally served as the Gertz flagship store.

Gertz was a New York-based department store, headquartered in Jamaica, Queens. Founded in 1918 by Benjamin Gertz, along with his five sons, the company was acquired by Allied Stores in 1941.[1][2][3]

Gertz had branch stores in Bay Shore, East Hampton, Flushing, Douglaston, Great Neck, Hicksville, Massapequa, and Lake Grove.[4] The 300,000 square foot Hicksville location was opened in 1956 in the Mid-Island Mall, known today as Broadway Commons.[5] In 1981, changing demographics caused the company's first store closure, its flagship Jamaica location. Later, the Bay Shore location was converted to a Stern's and then a Macy's. After Macy's closed the location, the building was demolished and a Lowe's was built on the site.[6]


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