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(Kastell Rusovce)
Alternative name Gerulata, Gerulate
Limes Upper Pannonia
Section Section 2
Date(s) occupied 1st to 4th century AD
Type Cohort and Ala fort,
square fort with rounded corners surrounded by a double ditch (Spitzgraben), Burgus of Late Antiquity
Unit/Formation a) legio XIV (?),
b) cohors V Callaecorum Lucensium (?),
c) ala I Canennefatum,
d) equites Sagittarii
Size a) wood and earth fort, width: 113 m
b) stone fort I, width: 133–166 m,
c) burgus: 39 × 30 m
Construction a) wood and earth design
b) stone design
Condition Nothing visible above ground,
Foundation walls of the burgus were conserved and made accessible in a visitors' area
Location Rusovce
Height 130 m
Previous fort Kleinkastell Stopfenreuth (de) (northwest)
Following fort [[[Kastell Ad Flexum]] (de) (Mosonmagyaróvár) (southeast)

Gerulata was a Roman military camp located near today's Rusovce, a borough of Bratislava, Slovakia. It was part of the Roman province Pannonia and built in the 2nd century as a part of the Limes Romanus system. It was abandoned in the 4th century, when Roman legions withdrew from Pannonia.

Today there is a museum, which is part of the Bratislava City Museum.

The best preserved object is a quadrilateral building 30 metres long and 30 metres wide, with 2.4 metre thick walls.

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Coordinates: 48°03′22″N 17°08′59″E / 48.05611°N 17.14972°E / 48.05611; 17.14972