Gervase Spencer

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Self-portrait (1749)
Portrait miniature of an unknown woman by Gervase Spencer, enamel on metal, Victoria and Albert Museum, 1756

Gervase Spencer (c.1715–1763), was an English miniaturist.[1] Originally a footman to a "Dr W," Spencer taught himself the art of painting in watercolour on ivory, and was encouraged by his employer.[2] Since enamels were in vogue at the time, he also mastered the complexities of this process. Spencer's prodigious output is divided almost equally between enamels and ivory.[3] Spencer's early work closely resembles that of Jean-André Rouquet and may well have been influenced by him. Spencer trained Henry Spicer to continue the tradition and art of miniatures on enamel and ivory.

The date of Spencer's marriage and the name of his wife are unknown, but it is known that he was survived by a daughter.[4]