Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik

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Gesellschaft für angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik
FounderLudwig Prandtl
Richard von Mises
Karsten Urban

Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik ("Society of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics"), often referred to by the acronym GAMM, is a German society for the promotion of science, founded in 1922 by the physicist Ludwig Prandtl and the mathematician Richard von Mises.[1] The society awards the Richard von Mises prize annually. The society publishes the journal GAMM-Mitteilungen (Surveys for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics) and Zeitschrift für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik (Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics) through Wiley.[2][3]

According to the statutes, GAMM aims "to maintain and promote scientific work and international cooperation in applied mathematics as well as in all sub-areas of mechanics and physics that are part of the fundamentals the engineerings count." The GAMM pursues this goal primarily by organizing scientific conferences. The GAMM's most important event is the annual conference, which takes place annually in Germany or neighboring countries and is attended by hundreds of scientists, primarily because of its scientific program. The proceedings volume (PAMM) is published every year at the conference. In addition, further conferences on specific areas from the spectrum of disciplines represented in the GAMM take place.[4]

In 1958 the GAMM and the ACM together worked out the "ALGOL 58 Report" at a meeting in Zurich.[5]

Executive board members[edit]

Presidents and vice-presidents of the society since inception:[6]

Period President Vice-president
1922-1923 Ludwig Prandtl
1923-1933 Ludwig Prandtl Hans Reissner
1933-1937 Ludwig Prandtl Erich Trefftz
1937-1945 Ludwig Prandtl Richard Grammel
1950-1952 Richard Grammel Alwin Walther
1952-1955 Alwin Walther Eberhard Mettler
1955-1958 Henry Görtler Friedrich Adolf Willers
1958-1959 Robert Sauer Friedrich Adolf Willers
1959-1961 Robert Sauer Herbert Heinrich
1961-1964 Eberhard Mettler Herbert Heinrich
1964-1967 Lothar Collatz Herbert Heinrich
1967-1968 Karl Wieghardt Herbert Heinrich
1968-1970 Karl Wieghardt Erich Bukovics
1970-1971 Eduard Stiefel Erich Bukovics
1971-1974 Eduard Stiefel Klaus Oswatitsch
1974-1977 Ernst Becker Eduard Stiefel
1977-1980 Peter Henrici Ernst Becker
1980-1983 Klaus Kirchgässner Peter Henrici
1983-1986 Jürgen Zierep Klaus Kirchgässner
1986-1989 Wolfgang Walter Jürgen Zierep
1989-1993 Oskar Mahrenholtz Wolfgang Walter
1993-1996 Reinhard Mennicken Oskar Mahrenholtz
1996-1999 Franz Ziegler Reinhard Mennicken
1999-2002 Götz Alefeld Franz Ziegler
2002-2005 Friedrich Pfeiffer Götz Alefeld
2005-2008 Rolf Jeltsch Friedrich Pfeiffer
2008-2011 Peter Wriggers Rolf Jeltsch
2011-2014 Volker Mehrmann Peter Wriggers
2014-2017 Wolfgang Ehlers Volker Mehrmann
2017-2020 Heike Fassbender Wolfgang Ehlers
2020-2023 Jörg Schröder Heike Fassbender
2023-now Karsten Urban Jörg Schröder

External links[edit]

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