Gesher – Zionist Religious Centre

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Gesher – Zionist Religious Centre
גשר – מרכז ציוני דתי
Leader Zevulun Hammer
Founded 29 May 1984
Dissolved 12 June 1984
Split from National Religious Party
Merged into National Religious Party
Ideology Religious Zionism
Political position Centre
Most MKs 2 (1984)
Fewest MKs 2 (1984)

Gesher – Zionist Religious Centre (Hebrew: גשר – מרכז ציוני דתי‎‎, Gesher – Merkaz Tzioni Dati) was a short-lived political faction in Israel in 1984.


The faction was formed on 29 May 1984,[1] during the 10th Knesset, when two MKs, Yehuda Ben-Meir and Zevulun Hammer, broke away from the National Religious Party. Both were prominent members of the party, with Hammer serving as Minister of Education, Culture and Sport and Ben-Meir being Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. The faction took the Gesher part of its name from the youth faction within the NRP.

The faction did not last long, as the two returned to the NRP on 12 June.

Ben-Meir later left the NRP again to be one of the founding members of the left-wing religious party Meimad, whilst Hammer went on to become leader of the NRP.


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