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Die Gestalten Verlag
GmbH & Co. KG
Industry Art book publisher
Founded 1995
Headquarters Berlin
Key people
Robert Klanten
Website www.gestalten.com

Die Gestalten Verlag is a publisher and creative agency mostly known for their 600 books on art, architecture, design, photography and typography. The company has 30 staff members through offices in Berlin, London, New York and Tokyo.


Gestalten's books are unique in the industry as all are edited and designed by designers. They typically document and anticipate vital trends in visual culture, the results of which Print Magazine has called "timeless" and "a perfect expression of our time."[1] Gestalten's "Logos" series are a long-running bestseller and are influential in art schools and graphic design studios internationally. They have also published the monographs of critically acclaimed designers, including Marcel Wanders, Arne Quinze and Jaime Hayon.

In 1994, Die Gestalten created their first book, “Localizer,” together with Chromapark. It was one of the first books to cover the burgeoning techno and electronic music scene in a strong visual and comprehensive survey.

In 2002, Gestalten published the world's smallest book,[2] a leather-bound, 26-page ABC-picture book from artist Joshua Reichert, which came packaged with a magnifying glass and sold at Selfridges for £70.

Following the Asian tsunami crisis in December 2004, Gestalten teamed up with UK design agency ILovedust to produce a charity book. "A Book Designed to Help" was released in March 2005 and donated all proceeds to charities in the region.[3]

The publication of "Neubau Welt" the same year featured designer Stefan Gandl and his team, and included an encyclopedic catalogue of over 1,000 vector-based drawings of common objects and three original Neubau fonts.[4] According to Creative Review, the book "proved so popular with the design community that the first edition sold out within eight weeks."[5]

Design services and more[edit]

Initially founded in 1990 by industrial design students Markus Hollmann-Loges, Andreas Peyerl and Robert Klanten, the company has expanded from graphic design books to a broad range of activities. In addition to producing and distributing video podcasts, calendars, art editions and toys, Gestalten is an international leader in curation (Design Hotels Future Forum),[6] creative direction and design services for the likes of Volkswagen, Uniqlo and Diesel.

The company also has its own foundry, Gestalten Fonts, and offers a selection of text fonts, display fonts and experimental fonts created by designers and for designers.


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