Gestel en Blaarthem

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Gestel en Blaarthem municipality in 1867

Gestel en Blaarthem (often shortened to Gestel) is an area of the municipality of Eindhoven, Netherlands. On 1 January 2005 nearly 27,000 people lived in this part of Eindhoven. Gestel consists of three neighbourhoods: Rozenknopje (with Hagekamp, Oude Spoorbaan and Schrijversbuurt), Oud Gestel (with Rapelenburg, Bennekel, Blaarthem, Genderdal, Gennep and de Beemden) and Oud Kasteel (with Genderbeemd, Ooievaarsnest and Hanevoet). Gestel borders other parts of Eindhoven (Strijp, Stratum and Eindhoven Centrum, which is the pre-1920 minicipality of Eindhoven, with minor adjustments) and the municipalities of Waalre and Veldhoven.

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Coordinates: 51°25′30″N 5°27′42″E / 51.42500°N 5.46167°E / 51.42500; 5.46167