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Get Gorgeous was an Indian reality television show and model talent search that premiered in 2004 by one of India’s music channels, Channel V India. The show was formatted by Kaveri Mehrotra while Amar Deb was the head of the channel. Get Gorgeous was about discovering the next face of modeling in India.

Get Gorgeous 1[edit]

The show’s first season aired in 2004. It had 6,000 entries received and 16 finalists were taken to the coast of Goa. The season was hosted by designers Hemant Trivedi and Aparna Chandra, with make-up artist Ambika Pillai, choreographers Tanya and Aparna Behl, fitness guru Mickey Mehta and lensman Sameer Parekh as judges. The show’s prizes for this season include walking for designer Suneet Verma at Milan Fashion Week. The winners also got a contract with Elite Model Management in India. The four winners were Aarohi Mishra, Archana Vijaya[1], Natasha Suri[2] and Tanvi Singh.

Season 1 Contestants[edit]

Aarohi Mishra
Archana Vijaya
Asha BR
Mihika Verma
Natasha Suri
Sanya Aslam Shaikh
Tanvi Singh

Get Gorgeous 2[edit]

The second season first aired in 2005. It was hosted by season 1 winner Archana Vijaya[3]. The winner of this season was Priyanka Shah.

Season 2 Contestants[edit]

Chahat Sabaji
Kanika Khanna
Mahima Chaudhary
Malika Jan
Priyanka Shah
Sudharani Gupta
Tina Desai
Tina Noronha
Tanushree Biswas

Get Gorgeous 3[edit]

The third season first aired in 2006, and had fifteen finalists. The winners of this season were Anurita Jha and Meenal Thakur.[4]

Season 3 Contestants[edit]

Andrea Wiltshire
Anurita Jha
Dimple Anand
Dipitha Shayan
Jyothi Mahadev
Meenal Thakur
Rucha Gawas
Rupalee Yadav
Swetha Reddy

Get Gorgeous 4[edit]

The fourth season aired on June 7, 2007. The season's host was Samantha Kocchar, with Alison Kanuga and Shantanu & Nikhil judging. The 10 finalists travelled to the Swaswara resort in Goa. The prizes include a modelling contract with Elite Model Management in India. The winner of the season was Rachel Varghese.[5]

Season 4 Contestants[edit]

Arika Silaichia
Arlette Evita Grao
Kirtana Krishnan
Mizpah Waters
Nidhi Sunil
Nina Sarkar
Rachel Varghese
Rebecca Maumkel

The Grand Finale had over 1,000 guests visiting the live runway. The anchor of the live show was Channel V's VJ Pia Trivedi. During the taping of the season, Channel [V] allowed a blogger from to live among the contestants and collect exclusive behind-the-scenes material for a section of the show's website called “The Gorgeous Blogger”.

Get Gorgeous 5[edit]

The fifth season aired in 2008, with the finale on July 26, 2008. The winner will win a ₹1 million contract with Channel V and ICE Model Management. The winner of the season was Iris Maity.[6] The runners-up were Gwen Athaide and Salome Narayana Polaki. This Season was hosted again by VJ Pia Trivedi. Indian Supermodels Diandra Soares and Gauhar Khan were judges. This season garnered an average of 10 million viewers, making it the highest rated season of the show's history.

Name Place
Sameera 10
Lavanya Tripathi 9
Roopa 8
Aarushi Kadam 7
Aarohi Kadam 6-4
Anjali Raut
Saterah Nour
Gwendolyn Athaide 3-2
Salome Narayana Polaki
Iris Maity 1


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