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Get Into Bed With Google: Top ranking search optimisation techniques
Get Into Bed With Google - CCommons.jpeg
Author Jon Smith
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Subject Internet Marketing, Business, SEO
Genre Non-fiction
Publisher Infinite Ideas
Publication date
January 2008
Pages 180 pp
ISBN 978-1-905940-49-3

Get Into Bed With Google: Top ranking search optimisation techniques is a 2008 book by Jon Smith, an Internet marketing expert, entrepreneur, and author of the best seller The Bloke's Guide To Pregnancy. The book aims to teach business owners how to use ethical search engine optimization techniques to improve the visibility of their webpages on the world's major search engines and on Google in particular.

By September 2008, Get Into Bed With Google was the most popular book about search engine optimization and had spent 10 weeks in Bookscan's Top 100.

The book has been translated into Danish,[1] Thai,[2] and German.[3] The book is published in the USA[4] with the title Be #1 on Google by McGraw-Hill. An updated UK second edition [5] was released in paperback September 2010.


The book provides 52 practical solutions to search engine optimisation problems faced by many small to medium-sized websites. From creating basic metatags to help categorise pages through to more advanced keyword density ratios.

The book outlines techniques which can be employed at the back-end or within the site’s code as well as front-end or editorial techniques to help improve visibility within the search engines. The book includes references to many paid and free tools available on the web to assist readers as well as short case studies.

The updated second edition contains new material relating to social networks and Google Analytics to assist readers with utilising and benefiting from these tools in relation to search engine optimisation.