Get Out Alive

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Get Out Alive
Get Out Alive DVD Festival Cover.jpg
Directed by Clay DuMaw
Produced by Clay DuMaw
Written by Clay DuMaw
Starring David Fichtenmayer
Rhiannon Roberts
David Iannotti
Clay Pigeon Studios
Release dates
  • 2012 (2012)
Running time
84 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Get Out Alive is a 2012 American Horror/Thriller film directed by Clay DuMaw. The movie's plot pays tribute to elements from 70s and 80s horror films like The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and The Evil Dead.[1][2]


While returning from a vacation, siblings Paul (David Fichtenmayer) & Marilyn (Rhiannon Roberts) fall prey to a pair of homicidal mechanics and their bloodthirsty pet monster.[3][4]


The film received an Official Selection at the 2013 Scare-a-Con Film Festival, and won Best Music.[5]


  • David Fichtenmayer as Paul
  • Rhiannon Roberts as Marilyn
  • David Iannotti as The Mechanic
  • Jay Storey as Earl


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