Get Ready to Be Boyzvoiced

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Get Ready to Be Boyzvoiced
Directed byEspen Eckbo
Henrik Elvestad
Mathis Fürst
Produced byStein-Roger Bull
Written byEspen Eckbo
Henrik Elvestad
StarringEspen Eckbo
Øyvind Thoen
Music byJens Thoresen
CinematographyMarius Johansen Hansen
Edited byTerje Oegema
Ruchir Tewari
Release date
1 December 2000 (2000-12-01)
Running time
95 minutes

Get Ready to Be Boyzvoiced is a 2000 Norwegian mockumentary about a fictional boy band called Boyzvoice. Outside Norway, it has been screened multiple times on Australian television channel SBS.


The band is a three-piece vocal group dominated by their utterly untalented lead singer "M*Pete". When they are caught lip-synching before the release of their first album, scandal erupts (fed also by their manager's physically assaulting an elderly male and an elderly female member of the Salvation Army and the revelation that M*Pete's 16-year-old girlfriend is actually only 12) and they are dropped by their record company. They consider leaving the music industry, but their manager gets them a sponsorship deal with a Norwegian fish finger manufacturer. Ultimately they bounce back to fame after an appearance at the HitAwards Norwegian music awards show.



Although the actors portraying band members pretend to be utterly talentless and unable to get one single note right in the film, all Boyzvoices vocals were in reality performed by actor Øyvind Thoen (Hot Tub), and, on occasion, actor Espen Eckbo (M'Pete).

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