Get Wiser

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Get Wiser
Studio album by
ProducerJim Fox
SOJA chronology
Dub in a Time of War
Get Wiser
Get Wiser Live DVD

Get Wiser is the fourth studio album by the reggae band SOJA that was released in January 2006. The album release party was held at The State Theatre in Falls Church, Virginia and was filmed for the Get Wiser Live DVD.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Open My Eyes
  2. By My Side (feat. (Junior Marvin)
  3. My Life Alone
  4. Faith Works
  5. What Would...?
  6. Strong For Them
  7. Can't Tell Me (feat. Carmelo Romero)
  8. Be Aware
  9. I've Got Time
  10. Sorry (feat. Go-Go Mickey)
  11. Bring Back Truth
  12. You Don't Know Me (feat. (Junior Marvin)
  13. 911
  14. Devils (feat. The Eddie Drennon String Quartet)


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