Getrag 260 transmission

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Getrag 260
Body and chassis
Class5-speed longitudinal manual transmission

The Getrag 260 (RPO M35) was a 5-speed manual transmission incorporated in BMW and General Motors vehicles between 1984 and 2005. It coexisted in the market with the lighter-duty Getrag 240, and more expensive Getrag 265 models.

Gear ratios with various engines[edit]

Application 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th R Info
BMW E30 3.83:1 2.20:1 1.40:1 1.00:1 0.81:1 3.71:1
BMW E32 3.83:1 2.20:1 1.40:1 1.00:1 0.81:1 3.71:1
BMW E34 3.83:1 2.20:1 1.40:1 1.00:1 0.81:1 3.46:1 BMW Owner's Manual 01 47 9 780 737
Jaguar XJ40 3.55:1 2.04:1 1.39:1 1.00:1 0.76:1 3.55:1
Holden Commodore (VS, VT, VX, VY) 3.829:1 2.199:1 1.401:1 1.00:1 0.809:1 3.456:1


Note: While some of the internal components may be interchangeable, GM units (transmissions from Holden and Cadillac cars) are not interchangeable with those from BMW cars. Two distinct versions of the integral bellhousing were used by BMW, depending on the associated engine (either a BMW M20 or BMW M30), with additional minor variations to accommodate different flywheels and engine management systems.


  • Lubricant
    • 85W Gear Oil
    • single grade HD motor oil SAE 20/30/40 (owner's manual 01 47 9 780 737)

The Bentley BMW 5-series E34 Service manual declares the oil capacity of the 260/5 and 260/6 transmissions to be 1.25 litres. Manual transmissions installed on the E34 are normally filled with Dexron III Automatic Transmission Fluid (DX3 ATF), though alternative fluids may be used depending on shifting effort and gear noise.

Some 80W-140 oils promote themselves as a suitable alternative where DX3 ATF is specified by the manufacturer.