Gettin' Square

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A promotional poster for the film
Directed by Jonathan Teplitzky
Produced by Martin Fabinyi
Timothy White
Trisha Lake
Written by Chris Nyst
Starring Sam Worthington
David Wenham
Gary Sweet
Timothy Spall
David Field
Freya Stafford
John Brumpton
Mitchell Butel
Distributed by Umbrella Entertainment
Release dates
  • 2003 (2003)
Running time
Australia: 100 minutes
Country Australia
Language English

Gettin' Square is a crime caper movie set on Australia's Gold Coast and directed by Jonathan Teplitzky. The protagonists are ex-criminals trying to keep out of trouble.

Gettin' Square won nominations at several Australian ceremonies including the AFI Awards, Inside Film Awards, Australian Comedy Awards, and Critics Circle Awards. Wenham's performance as Spiteri saw him win the Best Actor category in every major Australian film award through 2003.

Chris Nyst has also written and directed another feature film, Crooked Business, which was released in 2008.



Barry Wirth (Sam Worthington) is a retired small-time criminal who is released on parole following the death of his mother, so that he can care for his younger brother, Joey (Luke Pegler). Wirth was falsely convicted for murder by corrupt police detective Arnie DeViers (David Field), who is in the employ of criminal kingpin Chicka Martin (Gary Sweet). Shortly after Wirth is released, a corrupt accountant is arrested and his records seized, causing difficulties for Wirth's new employer, Darren "Dabba" Barrington (Timothy Spall), an ex criminal turned restaurateur whose money is seized along with that of Chicka. Wirth's friend Johnny "Spit" Spitieri (David Wenham), a heroin addict and small-time criminal, is arrested while conducting a drug deal and finds himself owing twenty thousand dollars to Chicka. DeViers continues to harass and threaten Wirth, even as the latter finds success as a chef in Dabba's restaurant. Despite his best efforts to remain clean, Wirth finds himself under increasing pressure to return to his criminal ways in order to help both Dabba and Spit.


Andrew Dominik was approached to direct. He decided not to but strongly recommended the script to Jonathan Teplitzky.[1]

Box Office[edit]

Gettin' Square grossed $2,292,587 at the box office in Australia.[2]

Home Media[edit]

Gettin' Square was released on DVD by Umbrella Entertainment in September 2011. The DVD is compatible with region 4 and includes special features such as deleted scenes, a Popcorn Taxi Q&A, interviews with Jonathan Teplitzky, Chris Nyst, Timothy Spall, David Wenham, and audio commentary with Jonathan Teplitzky and Chris Nyst.[3]

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