Getting Stoned with Savages

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Getting Stoned with Savages: A Trip Through the Islands of Fiji and Vanuatu is a 2007 non-fiction travelog by J. Maarten Troost.


Following a job at the World Bank, Troost longs for his times spent in Kiribati and leaves the United States with his wife. The book is a humorous account of the author and his wife's time on the Pacific island nations of Vanuatu and Fiji. It is a follow-up to Troost's first work The Sex Lives of Cannibals.[1]


Critical reception for the book has been positive.[2]

Kirkus Reviews said of the travel essays "Living on a South Pacific island could be grim, horrifying and revolting, Troost writes, but never less than interesting."[3]

Publishers Weekly mentioned it was a comic masterwork of travel writing.”[4]