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Getty may refer to:

The Getty family and its businesses[edit]

  • Getty family
    • George Getty (1855–1930), American lawyer and father of J. Paul Getty
      • J. Paul Getty (1892–1976), wealthy American industrialist and founder of Getty Oil
        • Talitha Getty (born Talitha Dina Pol, 1940–1971), Paul Getty, II's second wife
        • Gordon Getty (born 1933), son of J. Paul Getty
        • Paul Getty (1932–2003), son of J. Paul Getty, born Eugene Paul Getty and later also known as John Paul Getty II


The J. Paul Getty Trust, its programs, and its locations[edit]

Other people[edit]


  • getty (Unix), a program that handles the login process when someone logs onto a computer running Unix
  • The version of the 1409 fighting manual Fior di Battaglia, is known as the "Getty"
  • Getty Images (American stock photo agency)

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