Getty Center Monorail

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Getty Center Monorail
(Getty Center Tram)
Getty Center Tram Station Los Angeles.jpg
A train at the Getty Center station
TypeOtis Hovair hovertrain
LocaleUnited States Los Angeles (California, USA)
TerminiSepulveda Blvd (lower station)
Getty Center (upper station)
Rolling stock6 cars
Line length1.21 km (0.75 mi)[1]
Number of tracks1 (Monorail)

The Getty Center Monorail, also known as Getty Center Tram, is an Otis Hovair monorail of the U.S. city of Los Angeles serving the Getty Center. It is an electric, cable-driven hovertrain, with a fleet of 6 people movers divided in 2 convoys of 3 cars each.[1]


The railway line, already planned in 1988,[2] was opened at the end of 1997, following the inauguration of the Getty Center.


The line, located north of Brentwood, in the Westside Region of Los Angeles, links a freeway-level parking garage to the Getty Center, which includes the J. Paul Getty Museum. The duration of a ride is about 3 to 4 minutes and the distance is about 1.21 km (0.75 mi) .[1]

The lower station (34°05′15.8″N 118°28′32.8″W / 34.087722°N 118.475778°W / 34.087722; -118.475778), at the bottom of the hill, lies beside Sepulveda Boulevard and the San Diego Freeway. The upper station (34°04′42.1″N 118°28′29.9″W / 34.078361°N 118.474972°W / 34.078361; -118.474972), at the top of the hill, is located in the arrival plaza of the Getty Center and is part of the structure.[3] The line follows Getty Center Drive and has a passing loop in the middle.


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Coordinates: 34°04′42.1″N 118°28′29.9″W / 34.078361°N 118.474972°W / 34.078361; -118.474972