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Getty Herschel Huffine (August 25, 1889 – February 12, 1947) was an American music composer, trombonist and tuba player. He was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky, on August 25, 1889,[1] the eldest of four children.[2]

He was employed at an axe handle factory and, when the Bowling Green town band was organized in 1907, he was accepted on the condition that he play valve trombone, a trombone with a fixed slide and valves such as a euphonium. He was a self-taught musician. During the next five years Huffine taught himself tuba as well as the basics of harmony, counterpoint and composition. It is reputed[weasel words] that he spent his mature years as a tubist in professional bands (including Patrick Conway's Band) and possibly[weasel words] circus bands.[citation needed] It is reputed[weasel words] that he worked for C. L. Barnhouse as a music engraver, however there are no substantiating records.[3] In 1919, Huffine settled in Binghamton, New York, playing tuba in the Endicott-Johnson Shoe Factory band, as well as filling in on trumpet, trombone, and string bass (based on information from Endicott-Johnson Co).[citation needed]

Huffine died in Binghamton on February 12, 1947.[4] The Endicott-Johnson shoe band, of which Getty Huffine was a member at the time of his death, played his march "Them Basses" at the graveside.[citation needed]


  • Basses on a Rampage March - pub. Karl King 1927
  • The Bear Cat March - pub. C.L. Barnhouse 1924
  • Dull Razor Blues - pub. Karl King 1929
  • I B M March - pub. Karl King 1928
  • The Last Word march - pub. C.L. Barnhouse 1928
  • The Syncopator March - pub. Karl King 1929
  • Them Basses March - pub. Fillmore 1924
  • Triple Cities March - pub. King 1930 (Binghamton, Endicott, Johnson City)


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