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Getty Herschel Huffine (August 25, 1889 – February 12, 1947) was an American music composer, trombonist and tuba player. He was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky, on August 25, 1889,[1] the eldest of four children.[2]

He was employed at an axe handle factory and, when the Bowling Green town band was organized in 1907, he was accepted on the condition that he play valve trombone, a trombone with a fixed slide and valves such as a euphonium. He was a self-taught musician. During the next five years Huffine taught himself tuba as well as the basics of harmony, counterpoint and composition. It is reputed that he spent his mature years as a tubist in professional bands (including Patrick Conway's Band) and possibly circus bands.[citation needed] It is reputed that he worked for C. L. Barnhouse as a music engraver, however there are no substantiating records.[3] In 1919, Huffine settled in Binghamton, New York, playing tuba in the Endicott-Johnson Shoe Factory band, as well as filling in on trumpet, trombone, and string bass (based on information from Endicott-Johnson Co).[citation needed]

Huffine died in Binghamton on February 12, 1947.[4] The Endicott-Johnson shoe band, of which Getty Huffine was a member at the time of his death, played his march "Them Basses" at the graveside.[citation needed]


  • Basses on a Rampage March - pub. Karl King 1927
  • The Bear Cat March - pub. C.L. Barnhouse 1924
  • Dull Razor Blues - pub. Karl King 1929
  • I B M March - pub. Karl King 1928
  • The Last Word march - pub. C.L. Barnhouse 1928
  • The Syncopator March - pub. Karl King 1929
  • Them Basses March - pub. Fillmore 1924
  • Triple Cities March - pub. King 1930 (Binghamton, Endicott, Johnson City)


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