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Geumgok Temple
Geumgok Temple is located in South Korea
Geumgok Temple
Geumgok Temple
Location within South Korea
Coordinates 34°39′59″N 126°46′36″E / 34.666436°N 126.776787°E / 34.666436; 126.776787Coordinates: 34°39′59″N 126°46′36″E / 34.666436°N 126.776787°E / 34.666436; 126.776787
Country South Korea
Location Pasan-ri, Gundong-myeon, Gangjin County, South Jeolla Province
Hangul 금곡사
Hanja 金谷寺
Revised Romanization Geumgoksa
McCune–Reischauer Kŭmgoksa

Geumgoksa or Geumgok Temple (금곡사) is a Buddhist temple in Gangjin county, South Jeolla province, South Korea. Its name means "Golden Valley Temple." Three temples and numerous smaller shrines and burial mounds comprise the site. It is noted for its scenic beauty as well as a 3-tiered stone pagoda that dates to the Goryo Dynasty.

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