Geumwa of Dongbuyeo

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Geumwa of Dongbuyeo
Reign 48 BCE - 7 BCE
Successor Daeso
Spouse Lady Yuhwa
Father Hae Buru of Dongbuyeo
Mother Unknown
Geumwa of Dongbuyeo
Hangul 금와왕
Hanja 金蛙王
Revised Romanization Geumwa Wang
McCune–Reischauer Kŭmwa Wang

Geumwa was the second ruler (48 BCE – 7 BCE) of Dongbuyeo. (East Buyeo), an ancient kingdom of Korea. His story is recorded in Samguk Sagi, Samguk Yusa and Book of King Dongmyeong.

Birth and background[edit]

Geumwa (金蛙 or 金蝸) was the son of Hae Buru, who was the king of Dongbuyeo. According to the Samgukyusa, Hae Buru was old and without an heir, when he found a gold-colored frog-like (or a gold-colored snail-like) child under a large rock near Lake Gonyeon. Hae Buru named the child Geumwa, meaning golden frog(or golden snail), and later made him crown prince.

Hae Buru established Dongbuyeo when he moved the capital east to Gaseopwon (Hangul가섭원; Hanja迦葉原) by the Sea of Japan (East Sea).


Jumong's departure[edit]

Geumwa became king after Hae Buru's death. At Ubal river (Hangul우발수; Hanja優渤水), south of Mount Taebaek, Geumwa met Lady Yuhwa (Hangul유화부인; Hanja柳花夫人), the disowned daughter of the Chinese deity of the Yellow River Habaek (Hangul하백; Hanja河伯),[1][2][3] and brought her back to his palace. She was impregnated by sunlight and conceived Jumong.

Geumwa's seven sons resented Jumong, and so did he. He attempted numerous times to destroy Jumong when he was an egg, but later gave up, as the egg was indestructible. Jumong later ran away to Jolbon, or former Bukbuyeo, where he later established Goguryeo.

Mother of Goguryeo[edit]

Lady Yuhwa, Jumong's mother, died. Geumwa gave her the burial of a Queen Mother[4](Queen Mother of Goguryeo), despite she had never been queen. Jumong sent numerous gifts to Geumwa in gratitude of caring for his mother, and peace was seemingly restored between the two kingdoms.


Geumwa died, and the throne was passed to his eldest son Daeso. King Daeso attacked Goguryeo during the reign of its second ruler, King Yuri. Goguryeo's third ruler King Daemusin attacked Dongbuyeo and killed Daeso. After internal strife, Dongbuyeo fell, and its territory was absorbed into Goguryeo.


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Preceded by
Hae Buru of Dongbuyeo
Rulers of Dongbuyeo

48 BCE – 7 BCE
Succeeded by
Daeso of Dongbuyeo