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For other buildings called "Gewandhaus", see cloth hall.

Gewandhaus is a concert hall in Leipzig, Germany, the home of the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra. Today's hall is the third to bear this name; like the second, it is noted for its fine acoustics.

  • The first concert hall was constructed in 1781 by architect Johann Carl Friedrich Dauthe inside the Gewandhaus, a building used by cloth (garment) merchants.
  • The second Gewandhaus was designed by Martin Gropius. It opened on 11 December 1884, and had a main concert hall and a chamber music hall. It was destroyed in the fire-bombings of World War II between 1943 and 1944.
  • The third Gewandhaus on Augustusplatz opened on 8 October 1981, two hundred years after the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra moved into the original hall. Today, the Gewandhaus hosts the world's most prestigious orchestras, artists and ensembles performing today.

The hall contains a concert organ: Schuke, Potsdam IV-92-6638.


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