Gewerbeschule (Zürich)

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The quarter of Gewerbeschule in Zürich.
Limmatplatz with Migros building, seen from Waidberg

Gewerbeschule is a quarter in the district 5 in Zürich.

The district Gewerbeschule (upper district 5, there are located several Business schools) formed the formerly separate municipality of Aussersihl, which was incorporated into Zürich in 1893. The separation into the current districts 3, 4 and 5 dates to 1913. The quarter has a population of 9,690 distributed on an area of 0.73 km².


Coordinates: 47°23′4.84″N 8°31′54.28″E / 47.3846778°N 8.5317444°E / 47.3846778; 8.5317444