Ghana Institution of Engineers

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Ghana Institution of Engineers(GhIE)
TypeEngineering Society
Headquarters13 Continental Road, Roman Ridge, Accra, Ghana
Ing. Carlien Bou-Chedid[1]

The Ghana Institution of Engineers(GhIE) is the professional body responsible for licensing practicing engineers in Ghana. It was founded in 1968 to succeed the Ghana Group of Professional Engineers. The Institution derives its authority from the Engineering Council Act 2011, Act 819 and the Professional Bodies Registration Decree NRCD143 of 1973.[2]


As part of its mission, the GhIE aims to: [2]

  • Be Leaders In The Development Of Science, Engineering And Technology At All Levels Of Society.
  • Share Knowledge And Instil In The Membership, Professionalism And Ethical Practice
  • Establish Structures To Ensure Good Corporate Image Of The Institution At All Times.


Membership categories include Fellows, Members, Associates, Graduate Members, Affiliates and Technicians.


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