Ghabdennasir Qursawi

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Ğäbdennasír İbrahim ulı Qursawí (Tatar: Габденнасыр Ибраһим улы Курсави),[1] sometimes spelled Kursavi or Koursavi (1776–1812) was a Tatar educator, Islamic theologian, and prominent Jadidist. He was a brother of Ğäbdelxaliq Qursawí.[2] He studied at Machkara (Malmyzhsky District) village madrassah and later at Mir-Arab madrassah in Bukhara. From 1794 to 1808 he was imam of the mosque in Yughary Qursa village of Kazan Governorate, Russian Empire and the headmaster of his own madrassah. His surname is, actually, a derivative of "Qursa" in Arabic manner, which means "from Qursa". He is credited with the revival of modernism- and reform-oriented Islam (or Jadidism) among the Tatars, and was the author of numerous articles about religion. He died during the hajj and is buried in Istanbul.[3]


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