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Ghadir-class submarine
Class overview
Name: Ghadir-class submarine
Builders: Marine Industries Organization
Operators: Islamic Republic of Iran Navy
Preceded by: Nahang Class
Succeeded by: Fateh class submarine
In service: 28 November 2007
Active: 23
General characteristics
Type: Coastal submarine
Tonnage: 120 tonnes
Displacement: 115 tons surfaced [1]
Length: 29 m (95 ft) [2]
Beam: ~3 m
Draught: ~2.5 m
Propulsion: Diesel-electric propulsion
Speed: 11 knots (20 km/h; 13 mph)
Complement: 18
Armament: 2 × 533mm torpedoes, mines, missiles[1]

Ghadir (Persian: غدیر‎) is a class of midget submarines built by Iran specifically for cruising within the shallow waters of the Persian Gulf. It has a surface displacement estimated at about 115 long tons (117 t). The Ghadir class is probably better described as a coastal or littoral submarine, similar in concept to the Italian Sauro class, though significantly smaller.[2]

The Ghadir class is based on the North Korean Yono-class submarine. Photographs indicate a pair of bow torpedo tubes around 21 inches (530 mm) diameter, allowing them to fire typical heavyweight torpedoes. It could thus serve as a launch platform for the VA-111 Shkval rocket torpedo.


On 24 November 2007 Iranian rear-admiral Habibollah Sayyari announced: "A home-made destroyer called Jamaran and a home-made submarine of Ghadir class will launch operation on November 28." [2] He also said that the submarine was equipped with the latest military and technological equipment and that its capabilities are equal to that of foreign types. Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei was quoted saying to Iran's navy commanders on the day the submarine was launched: "Today, you have been able to design and build many of the military requirements. We have become self-sufficient from other countries."[3]

New Ghadir submarines were delivered to the Iranian navy on June 2009, August 2010,[4][5] August 2011,[6] November 2011,[7] February 2012[8], November 2012 and November 2018.[9][10]

While Ghadir resembles the North Korean Yono-class submarine, it is probably better described as a littoral submarine.[11] Head of the Marine Industries Organization of Iran General Amir Rastegari announced Dec 02, 2018 that subsurface-to-surface missiles have been mounted on the new home-made Qadir-class submarine, adding that many foreign states are willing to purchase the vessel. He also added that a home-made torpedo, Valfajr, mounted on the submarine enjoys a destruction power 6 times more than a cruise missile and can drown a 1,000-ton vessel into the sea in less than 10 seconds. He said that a unique periscope has also been mounted on Qadir submarine, noting that a number of industrial countries have demanded to purchase this periscope and optical system from Iran.[12]

Submarines in the class[edit]

There are 23 Ghadir-class minisubs in service with the Iranian Navy.

Submarine Launched Status
Ghadir 942 November 2007 In service
Ghadir 943 August 2008 In service
Ghadir 944 November 2008 In service
Ghadir 945 June 2009 In service
Ghadir 946 June 2009 In service
Ghadir 947 June 2009 In service
Ghadir 948 June 2009 In service
Ghadir 949 August 2010 In service
Ghadir 950 August 2010 In service
Ghadir 951 August 2010 In service
Ghadir 952 August 2011 In service
Ghadir 953 August 2011 In service
Ghadir 954 August 2011 In service
Ghadir 955 August 2011 In service
Ghadir 956 November 2011 In service
Ghadir 957 November 2011 In service
Ghadir 958 November 2011 In service
Ghadir 959 February 2012 In service
Ghadir 960 February 2012 In service
Ghadir 961 November 2012 In service
Ghadir 962 November 2012 In service

Two Ghadir-class submarines joined the Navy’s combat fleet in November 2018.[13]

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