Mirza Abu'l-Qasem Qa'em-Maqam

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Portrait of Mirza Abu'l-Qasem Qa'em-Maqam.

Mirza Abolghasem Ghaem Magham Farahani (Persian: میرزا ابوالقاسم قائم‌مقام فراهانی‎) or Mirza Abu'l-Qasim Farahani Qá'im Maqam (1779 – June 28, 1835, Negarestan Garden, Tehran) was an Iranian Prime Minister briefly from 1834 to 1835.

He was born in Arak, Iran. His father, Mirza Isa Ghaem Magham Farahani, had served the Qajar family for more than 20 years. Before serving as prime minister, he was chancellor of Mohammad Mirza's court. He was later betrayed and murdered on the orders of Mohammad Shah Qajar in 1835, at the instigation of Hajj Mirza Aghasi, who would become Ghaem Magham's successor. His books include Monsha'at.[1]