Ghana–Israel relations

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Ghana–Israel relations
Map indicating locations of Ghana and Israel



Ghana–Israel relations refers to the current and historical relationship between Ghana and Israel. Ghana has an embassy in Ramat Gan, Israel,[1] and Israel has an embassy in Accra.[2][3]


An Israeli consulate was established in Ghana in 1956, prior to independence.[4][5] Ghana was the first country from Black Africa to establish diplomatic relations with Israel.[4]

In April 1959, Israel, with help from India, supervised the establishment of the Ghana Air Force. A small Israeli team also trained aircraft maintenance personnel and radio technicians at the Accra-based Air Force Trade Training School. Although the British persuaded Ghanaian President Kwame Nkrumah to withdraw Israeli advisers in 1960, Ghanaian pilots continued to receive some training at aviation schools in Israel. After Nkrumah's overthrow, Israeli military activities in Ghana ended, but Israel continued to aid Ghana in shipping, construction, security, research, manpower training, and agriculture.[6][4]

From shortly after the Yom Kippur War through September 2011, Israel and Ghana maintained basic diplomatic ties through Nigeria.[3] In September 2011, Ghana and Israel renewed direct diplomatic relations.[3][7]

House of Israel[edit]

The House of Israel is a Jewish community in Ghana which claims to have roots in the Ten Lost Tribes of ancient Israel.


In October 2004, a four-day Israeli trade fair titled "Applicable Technologies Fair 2004" occurred in Accra, Ghana. Ghanaian Minister of Trade and Industry Alan John Kyerematen urged investors to undertake mutual investments including in irrigation and agriculture.[8]


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