Ghana Federation of Labour

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Ghana Federation of Labour
48,300 (2016)[1]: 2 
Key people
Abraham Koomson, secretary general

The Ghana Federation of Labour (GFL) is a national trade union centre in Ghana. The origins of the GFL can be traced to the departure of a group of workers from the TUC-affiliated Industrial and Commercial Workers' Union who then founded the Textile, Garment and Leather Employees Union (TGLEU) in 1993.[2] The TGLEU subsequently attempted to affiliate to the TUC, but was refused.[2] In 1996, changes in labour law in Ghana allowed trade union pluralism and in 1998 the GFL was founded.[3]: 519 


The GFL has nine affiliated unions:[1]: 24 

  • Textile, Garment and Leather Employees’ Union. (TEGLEU)
  • Food And Allied Workers’ Union (FAWU)
  • General Manufacturing And Metal Workers’ Union (GEMM)
  • Union Of Private Security Personnel (UPSP)
  • National Union of Teamster And General Workers (NUTEG)
  • Finance And Business Services Union (FBSEU)
  • Private School Teachers and Educational Workers’ Union of Ghana (PRISTEG)
  • Media Of Printing Industry Workers’ Union (MEDIANET)
  • ICT and General Services Employees Union


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