Ghana Nuclear Society

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Ghana Nuclear Society
Established 2008
Type Non-profit Organization
Legal status Active
Purpose Advocate for Peaceful use of nuclear energy in Ghana
Headquarters Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) in Accra, Republic of Ghana

The Ghana Nuclear Society (GNS) is a nonprofit organization that advocates for the introduction of nuclear energy in Ghana. It is headquartered at the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) in Accra. With the establishment of The Ghana Nuclear Society, Ghana has joined the league of those countries with National Nuclear Societies. Its head office is located at the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) in Accra. The current national president is Prof. John Justice Fletcher. The society is not for science inclined persons alone.


The Ghana Nuclear Society received its certificate of incorporation on 13 May 2008. The society, which operates under the motto "Nuclear for Sustainable Energy Development," has an eight-member Advisory Panel that consults with the Board of Directors, which is made up of 13 persons and four members from the National and Student Chapter Executives.

The society has created public information programs on nuclear matters, and it has produced seminars, educational outreach programs and interactive media presentations on local radio and television stations. It also publishes a newsletter that outlines issues relating to nuclear energy.

It is planning educational programs at the SAMBEL Academy and the GAEC,[1] and at primary schools located near the Graduate School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences[2] at Atomic, Kwabeyna.


  • 2008 - First and Second Newsletter
  • 2008 - First Annual General Meeting
  • 2009 - Third Newsletter
  • 2009 - Workshop on Human Resource Development for a nuclear power program.
  • 2009 - Public Lecture on the theme” The Role of Nuclear Power in attaining middle income status”.
  • 2009 - Educational Outreach Programs for Schools.
  • 2009 – Second Annual General
  • 2010 - planning for the 2010 Energy Security for Africa.

Society Members[edit]

2010 African Conference[edit]

To enhance public acceptance and awareness of the Nuclear Power Option, the society organized a three-day conference under the theme: “Energy Security for Accelerated Development of the African Region”. This conference hoped to promote the acceptance of the Nuclear Power in Africa by bringing together nuclear power vendors, reactor manufactures, scientists and experts in the field to share knowledge with those in Africa.

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