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Ghana Regiment of Infantry
BranchGhana Army
TypeLine Infantry
RoleLight Infantry
SizeSix Battalions
Garrison/HQRHQ – Accra
1st Battalion – Tema
2nd Battalion – Takoradi
3rd Battalion – Sunyani
4th Battalion – Kumasi
5th Battalion – Accra
6th Battalion – Tamale
EngagementsWorld War I

World War II

United Nations Mission in Liberia
Colonel-in-ChiefPresident of Ghana

The Ghana Regiment is an infantry regiment that forms the main fighting element of the Ghanaian Army (GA).


The regiment was formed in 1879 as the Gold Coast Constabulary, from personnel of the Hausa Constabulary of Southern Nigeria, to perform internal security and police duties in the British colony of the Gold Coast. In this guise, the regiment earned its first battle honour as part of the Ashanti campaign.[1]

The Gold Coast Constabulary was renamed in 1901 as the Gold Coast Regiment, following the foundation of the West African Frontier Force, under the direction of the Colonial Office of the British Government. The regiment raised a total of five battalions for service during the First World War, all of which served during the East Africa campaign. During the Second World War, the regiment raised nine battalions, and saw action in Kenya's Northern Frontier District, Italian Somaliland, Abyssinia and Burma as part of the 2nd (West Africa) Infantry Brigade.[1]

In 1957, the Gold Coast became the first black African nation to be granted independence from Britain. As a result, in 1959, all of the Gold Coast Military Forces, including the Gold Coast Regiment, were withdrawn from the Royal West African Frontier Force. With the country's change of name to Ghana, the regiment was renamed as the Ghana Regiment.[1]

Present form[edit]

Today, the regiment forms the bulk of the Ghanaian Army, with a total of six battalions, divided equally between the army's two brigades. As the army's main force, it is responsible for Ghana's internal security and protection from external aggressors. However, Ghana also makes a large commitment to peacekeeping operations in the region and overseas, most notably in Sierra Leone and Liberia, for which the Ghana Regiment provides the majority of personnel.[1]

Battle honours[edit]

Alhaji Grunshi fired the first British shot of WW1
  • Ashantee 1873-41, Ashanti 1900
  • The Great War
(5 battalions): Narungombe, East Africa 1916-18, Kamina, Duala, Cameroons 1914-16
Wal Garis, El Wak, Juba, Bulo Erillo, Gelib, Alessandra, Wadara, Abyssinia 1940-41, North Arakan, Kaladan, Tinma, Mayu Valley, Myohaung, Arakan Beaches, Kangaw, Taungup, Burma 1943-45

1. Awarded for service of Hausa Constabulary.

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