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Ghanem Nuseibeh
Born (1977-05-11) May 11, 1977 (age 45)
Alma materImperial College
OrganizationCornerstone Global Associates (Founder)

Ghanem Nuseibeh (born May 11, 1977) is the founder of a strategy and management consultancy company, Cornerstone Global Associates.[1][2] He was a member of the Club of Rome's think-tank 30 from 2004 to 2008.

He is a member of the Nuseibeh (alternatively spelled Nusseibeh) family of Jerusalem and lives in Dubai and London.


Nuseibeh completed his school education at Dulwich College in London before moving to Imperial College, where he completed his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering. He also completed his master's degree from the same university.

Nuseibeh was Senior Visiting Fellow at King's College London until 2012 and Edmond J. Safra Network Visiting Fellow at Harvard University Center for Ethics (2011-2013).


Nuseibeh is a management consultant specialized in risk. After graduation, as a trained civil engineer, Nuseibeh designed major international infrastructure projects, including the Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey dual oil and gas pipeline, Durrat Al Bahrain man-made island, and Dubai Towers. Before founding his own company, Nuseibeh worked with WS Atkins and Mouchel Parkman.

In 2009, he founded the London-based strategy and management consultancy Cornerstone Global Associates. Cornerstone has offices around the world and advises private and government clients. It is regularly quoted in global media specifically on issues related to economic and political risk in the Middle East.[3][4]


Nuseibeh is active in interfaith work in the United Kingdom and a campaigner against extremism and against anti-Semitism.

Nuseibeh is a Trustee of the British Friends of Neve Shalom Wahat Al-Salam and Patron of British anti-extremism charity Faith Matters. He is Chairman of the UK's Muslims Against Anti Semitism.[5]

In 1997, he contributed to the UK's Report of the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals report on combatting extremism and violence on campus.[6]

In July 2017, he was the only Muslim to speak at a rally in Parliament Square against Antisemitism in the British Labour Party[7] The UK's Campaign Against AntiSemitism reported that he was cheered at the rally for saying "Do not hide behind pro-Arab, pro-Muslim or pro-Palestinian causes to justify your racism. We as Muslims do not need your support. We do not need the support of antisemites in the Labour Party."[8]

In May 2019, he successfully campaigned to have Google Play store remove The Euro Fatwa App for promoting hate speech.[9]


In February 2019, a New York Times article suggested Nuseibeh was involved in campaign runs against the State of Qatar and FIFA 2022 World Cup.[10][11] Cornerstone issued a statement denying the allegations in the New York Times article.[12] Subsequently, on 6 March 2019, the New York Times published a correction on its website.

Awards and Recognition[edit]

In 1996, he was awarded the Royal Academy of Engineering's Top Flight scholarship.[citation needed]

Nuseibeh is the 2005 winner of the British Geotechnical Association's Prediction competition and the 1st winner of the ALGS Papers Competition of the Institute of Civil Engineers in London.[citation needed]

Ghanem Nuseibeh is a Patron of the Executive Committee of the British Friends of Neve Shalom – Wāħat as-Salām, a village outside Jerusalem built to promote peace between Arabs and Jews in the Holy Land.


Nuseibeh has written numerous publications including co-authoring two books with members of the Club of Rome's tt30, ICT for Education and Development: the challenges of meeting the Millennium Development Goals in Africa and Letters to the Future. He has also written articles for newspapers and magazines published around the world.[citation needed]


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