Ghar al Milh

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Ghar El Melh
Ghar El Melh is located in Tunisia
Ghar El Melh
Ghar El Melh
Location in Tunisia
Coordinates: 37°10′0″N 10°11′0″E / 37.16667°N 10.18333°E / 37.16667; 10.18333Coordinates: 37°10′0″N 10°11′0″E / 37.16667°N 10.18333°E / 37.16667; 10.18333
Country Flag of Tunisia.svg Tunisia
Governorate Bizerte Governorate
Population (2014)
 • Total 19,477
Time zone CET (UTC1)

Ghar El Melh (also known as Porto Farina) (Arabic: غارالملح‎) is a coastal town and former port in northeastern Tunisia. The town was an important base for Barbary pirates until it was destroyed by Admiral Robert Blake in 1655. However the harbour and defences were soon rebuilt and it became a base for British and Maltese pirates. In 1834 a huge arsenal belonging to a Maltese pirate exploded and destroyed part of the town. Ahmed Bey, the last Bey of Constantine, decided to clamp down on piracy and attempted to turn the port over to legitimate trade. He invested in new jetties and fortresses but the estuary then began to silt up. Today Ghar El Melh is a small farming town.

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