Ghar Kab Aao Gay

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Ghar Kab Ao Gey
Directed by Iqbal Kashmiri
Produced by Shehzad Gul
Starring Shaan
Javed Sheikh
Music by Amjad Bobby
Cinematography Waqar Bokhari
Edited by Aqeel Ali Asghar
Release date
January 9, 2000
Country Pakistan
Language Urdu

Ghar Kab Ao Gey is a 2000 Pakistani Urdu language action film directed by Iqbal Kashmiri which was released across theaters in Pakistan on Eid-ul-Fittar day January 9, 2000.[1]


Terrorist named Prithvi and Charles Sobhraj bombs Karachi. They are extremist of Hindu and Jewish religion. A Pakistani commando team is sent abroad to kill the terrorists. 4 commondos including Shan and Ahsan Khan went in Sobrash's Island and a hindu lady Reema also helped them. They killed sobrash and their terrorists but Shan Shahid also died.

Film business[edit]

The film celebrated its platinum jubilee in Lahore, Pakistan (88 weeks).[2]



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