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Gharha (Punjabi: ਘੜਾ), also spelled as Ghara, is a musical instrument used in the folk music, folk songs, and folk dances of the Punjab region.[1] It is an earthen pitcher.[2]

A matki (small earthen pot) with another smaller pot 'budga' used to drink water


It is played with both hands. The player strikes both its sides with rings worn on fingers.[1] The player also plays on its open mouth to produce a distinct rhythm.[2] The player can also add multiple gharas to produce an astounding effect. Ghara is closely associated with another instrument used in folk music of Punjab, the Gagar.

Families who have been closely connected to folk music are learning and teaching the art of playing this traditional instrument. Gurpreet Singh Mann, a University level champion, has earned a respectable name in this field.

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