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Jamia Mosque Gharmala by Qadeer Hussain
Jamia Mosque Gharmala by Qadeer Hussain
Gharmala is located in Pakistan
Location in Pakistan
Coordinates: 32°57′N 73°41′E / 32.950°N 73.683°E / 32.950; 73.683
Country  Pakistan
Region Punjab Province
District Jhelum District
Elevation 229 m (754 ft)
 • Total 5,000
Time zone PKT (UTC+5)
Area code(s) 0544

Gharmala (Urdu:گھرمالہ ) is a village located in Jhelum District, Punjab, Pakistan. It is part of Jhelum Tehsil,[1] and is located at N 32° 57' 0 E 73° 41' 0 with an altitude of 229 metres (754 feet).[2] and lies along the famous Rohtas Road. The village is about 3 km west of the city of Jhelum and has a population of over 5000. It has girls and boys high schools. There are 2 mosques in village and one of them is Jammia mosque.

Geography and climate[edit]

Village lies at the foots of Pothohar Plateau and ground is fairly plain. It enjoys all 4 seasons. Summer is really hot and temperature can reach above 48 °C during June and July. Monsoon starts in middle of July lasts for 4–6 weeks. Winter is mostly dry and cold but December month is relatively wet and temperature can fall below 0 °C.[3] .


Village is well connected by different roads to other villages and Jhelum city. Jhelum Railway Station is about 2.5 km and GT road is 2 km. Rohtas Road passes by the village on the south which leads to Jhelum City on east and to Rohtas Fort on the west. It is old path of GT Road.

Political importance[edit]

Gharmala Village plays an important role in politics of District Jhelum . Gharmala predominantly consists of the Dar family. The Dar family is mainly based in London and have connections all over UK and worldwide. Ch. Khadim Hussain has been elected as MPA 5 times and is ex advisor to the CM. He has won elections in 1985, 1988, 1990, 1993 and 2012. Currently he defeated Ch. Farrakh Altaf, Ch Muhammad Saqlain and Raja Afzal very badly that he had to leave the PML(N) due to such a bad defeat. His son Ch. Nadeem Khadim was elected MPA in 2008. Ch. LaL Hussain is the brother of Ch. Khadim Hussain who is the present MPA of Jhelum City, Gharmala Political power is called as GHARMALA GROUP among the jhelum journalists and political circles. All Die hard supporters of Gharmala Group are protected like family members and United in one struggle, The struggle to make District Jhelum a better and corrupt free place for the people of the district.


Coordinates: 32°57′0″N 73°41′0″E / 32.95000°N 73.68333°E / 32.95000; 73.68333