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Gharnati refers to a variety of Algerian music originating in Al-Andalus. Its name being derived from the Arabic name of the Spanish city of Granada.

The Gharnati was preserved,enriched and developed in Tlemcen which was considered as the African twin of Granada.

This variety of Andalusian classical music has been later established in other towns of Algeria,like Oran and Sidi-Bel-Abbès.

The term Gharnati refers to a distinct musical style of the Andalusian music,as confirmed by Mohammed Habib Samrakandi pages 15 and 24 in his book " Music of Algeria " [1]

The North African cities have inherited particularly Andalusian musical style of Grenada, also mentioned (pages 72 / 73) in the book "The Literature of Al-Andalus" (freely available on the net).[2]

Famous musicians of Gharnati[edit]

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