Ghassan Ibrahim

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Ghassan Ibrahim
غسان إبراهيم
Born 1977 (age 39–40)
Damascus, Syria
Occupation Journalist
Nationality Syrian
Subject The Middle East and North Africa, (MENA), Syria

Ghassan Ibrahim (born in Syria in 1977) is the Editor in Chief of Global Arab Network[1] and a Syrian journalist. [2]


He studied at Damascus University where he completed his BSc in Economics and Postgraduate Degree in Finance. In 2000, he came to UK to study at the University of London, where he completed Economics, Business and Media courses.[3] and in established Global Arab Network.[4]


He works as an adviser for several Arab Businessmen and international organization related to Middle East and North Africa and appears regularly on British, European [5] and Arab TV channels.[6]

He is also a writer about Arab affairs in politics, economics, business and media. [7]